Annie CAN


In follow up to yesterday….

There is so much Annie can do.

When Annie turned 8 months, I remember being devastated that she wasn’t sitting independently. For some reason 8 months was my “must reach” goal. Just two weeks later she did it and reminded me that, “These are MY goals mom, and I will reach them on MY own timeline, not yours.” I haven’t set a deadline for a milestone sense. Here she is sitting for the 1st time.














Just days later, I found her in her crib like this….








She had pulled her self up to sit for the first time.




When Annie was born and I went through my month of obsessive researching, I didn’t know if she’d be able to eat solid foods. Here’s her first time at age 6 months. Pretty typical if you ask me. She even grabbed the spoon after her first bite.












I didn’t know if Annie would be able to communicate well. Boy was I silly to worry.

She can tell us when she likes something….













And doesn’t like something..











She can sign almost 30 words now. Here’s “All done!”














And “Monkey”

Annie can crawl. It may not be a perfect four-point crawl, but it’s hers. Which makes it perfect to us.Β She can get to wherever she is determined to go. She doesn’t let anything stop her. She rolls, or army crawls, or convinces passing students or faculty to pick her up with outstretched arms and irresistible pouts when mom is actually trying to challenge her and make her work. ARGHH!












Annie can bring together friends. When we were visiting Chicago, some students emailed that they’d love to see Annie. I sent a message that I’d be at a certain coffee shop for anyone who wanted to stop by. Over THIRTY former students showed up!













Annie can swim. She’s actually starting her second session of swim lessons right this instant. I know she’s splashing and shouting with joy, she LOVES it. This picture is from her first lesson ten months ago. She LOVES to swim. She must get it from her parents. We both were members of swim team growing up. I can’t wait to watch her first meet!











She can cheer on sports teams with gusto and motivate marathon runners!













She can convince practically anyone to get down on the floor and play with her (even Brian!)











She can always convince Mom to read one more book!











She can sit in the grass for hours and loves to feel it between her toes and pull it from the ground with her hands.














She can tell you how old she is.














She can dance! I need to figure out how to upload videos…I don’t know where she gets her moves, my guess is her uncles.














She can melt her dad’s heart (I know, all daughters can). But it is certain that they are kindred spirits and have a deeper connection than any child/parent I have ever seen. And, yes, I am jealous!














She can laugh and is always making us laugh.














She can sleep ANYWHERE!





She can get out of her pajamas all by herself.











She loves music and her favorite instrument is the drum. Lord help us!













She can rock a pair of sunglasses.











She gives kisses, excitedly and constantly.














She thinks she can fly. It’s her dad’s fault.













There are so many things she can do. And that’s what we focus on. We don’t obsess (anymore) over all that she can’t do yet. We can’t live like that, so we celebrate the things she can do now and look forward to the next surprise.

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  1. That’s what it’s all about! πŸ™‚ She is doing amazingly well! 30 signs!!! πŸ˜€ I set alot of mental milestones without realising it, so this is a great reminder to keep the positive thinking up more often πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Colleen,
    Love what you wrote, You have the gift of writing. Hope you will use it to help others. have you ever thought about writing a book? You have so much to share.
    Love every picture of baby Annie and want to hold her…. Too bad we are so far. I will keep waiting for further posts πŸ™‚
    Love you guys!!!

    • See Colleen – I’m not the only one who thinks (from reading your very first post) that you should write a book!!! You TRULY have a gift!!! And the feelings/thoughts/insights/wishes/etc that you are able to share & communicate to the rest of us thru your posts are AMAZING!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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