Thanks Kay!


The day after I wrote my first post, my amazing sister wrote about Down Syndrome Awareness on Facebook.

I am sure she didn’t sit and think about what she would write. (I know she didn’t…she’s a lawyer and doesn’t have that kind of time!)

But, she was able to perfectly say, and in much fewer words than I ever could, exactly what we feel Down Syndrome Awareness is all about.

I come from a family of writers. I am, by far, the least talented of them all.

Today many of you may be spending the day watching Sunday Football. As you notice those bright pink shoes on your favorite players feet as they speed down the field. Please think of Kay’s words.

Here they are…

Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thanks to the NFL players proudly sporting pink on game-day among other national efforts… but many of you probably don’t know that October is also Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Those of you who haven’t been directly affected by a loved-one with Down Syndrome probably also don’t know that fortunately, unlike Breast Cancer, Down Syndrome is not something we hope to “survive”… it is a GIFT and a blessing, and we want to make that known. Please take some time to browse my sister’s blog outlining her amazing journey as a mother of a happy, healthy, SMART and loving child with Down Syndrome. And Next time you hear someone use that awful word “retard” or make fun of someone with a “disability”, I hope you will picture my beautiful niece’s face and have the courage to make them AWARE that Down Syndrome is a blessing to be celebrated, not put down.


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  1. Kudos to Kay for spreading the word about Down Syndrome – I have learned so much about it this past year & a half from you guys. Kay – we love & miss you too!!!

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