One thing I love about Down Syndrome…


For 31 for 21 to raise awareness for Down Syndrome, many of us blogging moms are choosing to blog about the same topic on Thursdays. Today’s topic is one thing you love about Down Syndrome.

How could I possibly pick only one? Wow. Can’t do it.

Here goes….

I love the little gap between her big toe and the rest of her toes.

I love her beautiful sparkling almond shaped eyes with her beautiful brushfield spots that come and go.

I love that she gets to be a baby a bit longer.

I love the lessons I am learning.

I love the people it has brought into our lives.

I love the contagious smile and genuine love that shines through it.

I love the constant celebration every time an obstacle is overcome.

I love her doctors and her therapists.

I love watching the determination in her eyes when she wants a toy. Yes, she has to work harder than most kids to get it, but it is this extra work that helps me to appreciate the simplest things.

I love the smile that stretches across her face when she realizes her hard work paid off and desired toy, blanket, or mom’s hair or necklace is in her hand.

I love the journey it is taking me and my family on. Will there and have there been bumps along the journey? Yes. I am learning that the bumps are just as important and rewarding as the smooth stretches.

Mostly, though, I love it because it is a part of my daughter. And, more than anything else I have ever loved, I love EVERY part of her.

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  1. How can you not love our sweet little Annie, the fashionista? See you tomorrow in Chicago! Hurray!

  2. Colleen – I love the blog. It is so sweet and loving; keep it up! 🙂 Annie is adorable and I can’t wait to see her again. Next time I bet she and Ellie will be able to play with each other!
    All our love ~ Erica A.

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