Our Little Jet Setter


Today we flew from Rome to London to Chicago. We’ve been up since 4 a.m. Rome. It’s now almost 2 a.m. Rome time, and we are finally sitting at my parents’ house.

Mom and Dad are wiped and Annie is ready to play! Even after an incredibly busy and adventurous day. Here’s how Annie’s day went….

Woken up by mom at 4:30, at least three hours earlier than usual. Didn’t phase her. All smiles, even at this ungodly hour!

Dad has a broken ankle, so Annie and mom (Annie in carrier of course) had to roll all the baggage, baby seating, etc. out to the courtyard to wait for the driver.

Met driver. Flirted with driver. Cooed the whole way to Fiumicino Airport.

Arrived at Fiumicino around 6:00. While mom and dad clumsily got luggage situated on the curbside, crowd of young Italian men (smokers of course) formed and cooed at Annie. “Bellissima bimba,” ย “Ciao piccola!”

Since Dad is on crutches; waited for wheelchair assistance to help us through security and to our gate. More admirers gathered.

Nice Italian lady who’s supposed to be assisting Dad, wants to “assist” mom instead; aka hold Annie while mom goes through security.

Flirts with nice lady supposed to be assisting Dad.

Mom pries Annie from arms of nice Italian lady. Head to gate.

Nice, uneventful flight to London, plus lots of adoring stares from several passengers.

Lovely British flight attendant offers to hold her while mom gets carrier in position for trek for our connection. More flirting. Carrier in position. Lovely British flight attendant not ready to give her up, walks Annie all the way out to the terminal, followed by several other flight attendants and pilot. Annie has new fan club at Heathrow. “Cheerios” and “Good days” and a kiss from lovely British flight attendant.

Meet frantic traveling family in family changing room. Really grateful for our day so far!

At this point it is probably about ย 11:30 a.m. Annie hasn’t cried once ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this girl.

Wheel chair assistance running VERY far behind. Decide to make trek to gate with carry-ons, baby, and dad on crutches. Gate is VERY far away. Regret this decision.

Lots of contagious smiles and flirting on way to gate.

Still no fussing. Who is this kid?

Board plane for Chicago. Hold up boarding process a bit because passengers pause to get a glimpse of Annie as they pass.

Annie spends the duration of the flight in arms of mom, dad, or little bassinet thingy hooked to wall in front of mom and dad. 8 hours on plane. Mom and Dad exhausted. Annie cooperates as usual. Eat, play, sleep. Laugh at ceiling of plane. Laugh at new surroundings in bassinet. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Annie loves the bathrooms on planes. Today, I realized that every time I have ever taken her into a bathroom to use the changing table on a plane, she does her little “I’m so excited” dance. She pulls her hands to her chest and puts her feet straight up in the air and smiles the biggest, bashful smile. I have no idea what it is about an airplane bathroom that fascinates her so. Maybe the close quarters or the fluorescent light. Maybe it’s the break from the dark row of seats. I really hope it’s not the smell. But whatever it is, she loves those bathrooms.

Plane lands in Chicago. About 20 passengers comment on what an amazing little traveler she is and stop to let her grab their fingers. Everyone wants to meet her.

Even the officer at customs cracks a HUGE smile for Annie. He can’t believe how calm and content she is after her 13 hours of airports and airplanes. It’s the first time I’ve gotten a smile at customs!

Our little jet setter knows how to travel! She did way better than mom and dad!

Please excuse the lazy writing….It’s been a LONG day!

Piรน domani! (More tomorrow)

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  1. Wow, that is super impressive! I’ve traveled with Bailey from Texas to Alaska and felt like I accomplished something huge…but nothing like your day! Hope you all rest well tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

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