Thankful for BOWS

Thankful for BOWS

Up until about a month ago, any time I tried to put a bow in Annie’s hair she would immediately reach up and pull it out. Her dad feels the same way and usually helped her free herself from the girly hairpieces.

In fact, Annie usually greatly dislikes having anything on her head. Unless of course, it is her beloved Kermit hat. She’s a super fan of the Muppets, so for Halloween we dressed her as her favorite green friend. Since then, we’re pretty sure she’d wear Kermit everyday, and often does.

As I have written before, Annie has acquired quite the wardrobe. Up until about a month ago, I don’t think the kid cared what she wore as long as I got through the painful process of getting her dressed as quickly as possible.

She’s finally reached the stage where she totally cares and loves to see herself in the next fabulous outfit. It’s a hoot and way too much fun. After she’s dressed she pulls herself up to sitting position and checks herself out in the mirror. She tilts her head to the side and flashes a ridiculous flirty grin as if saying “OH YEAH, I’m SO cute!”  Her hand usually finds the side of her face and hair as if she’s primping herself. She fluffs her dress or skirt or gently pats her top, showing that she’s pleased by her attire.

She doesn’t LOVE the process of hair ties and bows. But is super understanding of the results to come. As soon as I’m done twisting those bands around her pigtails, or clipping a barrette to her hair, she gently pats at them and then checks herself out always pleased to the point of laughter.

This morning when I was changing her diaper she kept grabbing my hand and pointing it in the direction of her bows (that are kept so neatly in the perfect spot thanks to one of many thoughtful gifts from my friend Tiff). As I tried to just finish the process of the diaper change, she began getting agitated and started to grunt as she continually grabbed my hand and urged it in the direction of her frilly accessories. “Oh, you want a bow for your hair?” So I reached up and grabbed a hot pink one and placed it in her hair, lifted her up so she could admire herself. But she kept grabbing my hand requesting another and another. If I picked a blue or yellow bow she pulled it out and threw it on the floor or pushed my hand away until I understood that today is a “Pink ONLY” day.

Here’s the results of this morning’s bow debacle.

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It’s funny, I rarely think about how devastated we were the first weeks of her life. But this morning for the first time in a LONG time, I remembered how scared I was that our little girl wouldn’t be able to communicate with us. And I couldn’t help myself from being bent over with laughter. I’m pretty sure we’ve got the communication thing down!  Annie may be grateful for bows today, but I am thankful that Annie is a pro at letting us know just exactly what she wants!

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  1. Such a cutie. We enjoy reading your entries.
    We have a son, Jason, who will be 36 soon.
    It brings back sweet memories of our journey.
    Say hello to your Dad for us.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for letting us meet Annie. She is pure joy. Our visit brought back such sweet memories of years past that I surprisingly was brought to tears. (I apologize for that). They were happy/loving tears. Thank you again for sharing her with us. She’s absolutely beautiful!

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