Halloween and Thanksgiving Photo Update


I should have uploaded these eons ago! November was a busy month for Annie.

She had a blast and was a huge hit on campus on Halloween. She spent the afternoon passing out treats to all the students around campus in her first costume of the day.

Then it was off to spread more Halloween cheer in the cafeteria. She has a huge fan club and students are always eager to get their hands on her.

After our visit to the dining hall, we headed home for a costume change. Annie was given more gifts than I could ever count after her birth. The unbelievable outpouring of gifts and love was incredible. Included in the endless gifts were TWO Halloween costumes. So for the students’ Halloween dance, Annie got into costume numero due (a bumble bee). This was appropriate, because on campus Annie is known as “Baby Beaz”. So off we headed to the Annual Halloween Bash at the JFRC as Bumble Bee-zley and her rose bush. She was, as always, a huge hit. We spent most of our time in the hallway outside the party because the music was so loud. But, as she always does, Annie accumulated many followers. She brought the party to the hallway.

A few days after her first Halloween, we were once again packing our bags and preparing for another trip to the states. This time we were heading to Chicago for three full weeks to celebrate the wedding of a very best friend of mine, to get some quality family time in, and of course to celebrate Annie’s first Thanksgiving. It was our first transatlantic trip just the two of us, mom and babe. We had enough practice though and my little traveler couldn’t have been better. We definitely missed her dad though. Here are a few of our favorite pics from Annie’s Halloween and her Thanksgiving trip.

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  1. Annie has the “let’s fall asleep effect” on me too! Glad I’m not the only one caught sleeping with the baby!

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